Moroccan Arabic School

Moroccan Arabic School

Nature of service

Moroccan Arabic School is a weekly program created on 2013 and offered by MSA to teach Arabic, Islamic and cultural education to children from 4 to 12 years old.

Our program is based on

  • Arabic language: reading, comprehension and writing
  • Memorizing Quran and Islamic knowledge…
  • Moroccan culture: Tradition, History, Geography, Art, Values, Moroccan dialect
  • Social: play and interaction activities

Program & curriculum

  • All the books in Moroccan Arabic School are carefully selected; the books are academically approved and authored by specialists in this area. We are implementing an approved method of teaching through carefully selected group of teachers who are highly qualified to reach our desired goal; also the school is communicating with parents at regular basis.
  • School strives to meet the needs of children of all backgrounds, keeping in mind the Arabic and Moroccan heritage.
  • All our curriculum material go through extensive studies and reviews to ensure that all material is relevant and appropriate for each age group and for children growing up in Canada.
  • Material is selected from various sources and some of the teaching material is developed in-house by qualified and committed staffs.
  • Modern-day teaching aids and materials are used whenever possible to stimulate children’s minds in every way possible.
  • Special classroom and special teaching materials are used for our Special Class students who come from non-Arabic speaking homes.

Our fees

  • 40$ / month for members
  • 60$ / month for no members

Location and time

  • Every Saturday September 1st to June 30th
  • 12:00 Pm to 3:00 Pm
  • Address: 12418-118 Ave, NW, Edmonton, T5L 2K4

Objectives & Goals

  • Our primary objective is to teach the Arabic language and focus on Moroccan values and principles. We have adopted a curriculum that suits for our kids who are living in a non speaking Arabic environment with English as the primary language. We will adopt a teaching method that focuses first on listening, speaking, and comprehension, second on reading and writing. Our approach is relying on a scientific basis to give students the foundations of the Arabic language which make the student reach a point where he can form words and find their meaning by himself in the advanced levels through different activities.
  • Moroccan Arabic School strives to create an educational environment that focuses on helping students learn the Arabic language while preserving the Moroccan identity and pride. This school also aims to foster a positive integration of our youth into the Canadian society.
  • We aim to complement each student’s education, in a friendly modern environment that encourages students to preserve their Arabic identity while maintaining their pride in being Moroccans/Canadians

Our vision is that parents will…

  • See Moroccan school as a warm, friendly, and welcoming place.
  • Feel that school provides a quality experience for their children.
  • Bring their children to school and attend consistently.
  • Have meaningful connections with other school parents.
  • Feel supported by the school staff and Moroccan community.
  • Be actively engaged in school community and will volunteer to support school events and activities.
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